Lab member wins 2023 SECC Poster Competition award at SRCD Conference!

This past weekend, CFL undergraduate research assistant, Arielle Morris, traveled to Salt Lake City to present her poster presentation at the Society for Research in Child Development’s 2023 Biennial Meeting ( Arielle received the award for 2023 Student and Early Career Council (SECC) Poster Competition Winner! We are so proud of all her incredible work and receiving this honor! Her research focused on the relationship on how maternal and child factors predicted children’s emotion regulation and children’s subjective COVID-relatred stress during the pandemic. She found that children who experienced higher non-COVID stress exposure had lower emotion regulation. However, children that experienced higher objective COVID-related stress and mothers who had higher subjective COVID-related stress and higher emotion dysregulation, both showed greater levels of subjective COVID-related stress. Her work was supported by Allison Pequet and Dr. Sarah Gray in the lab.  

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