CFL Poster Presentations at TRICS 2023!

In March, the Child and Family Lab had two poster presentations at the Tulane Research, Innovation, and Creativity Summit! Lab members worked in two groups to produce incredible research and share their findings. Gabby Levine, undergraduate research assistant, presented her group’s poster. Kacy Stoddard and Kavya Subramaniam, both undergraduate research assistants, presented their work at the research summit. We’re so proud of both groups’ work! 


Gabby’s poster discussed the co-contribution of emotion recognition and social support on children’s social interaction. Results showed that in absence of both emotion recognition and maternal social support, children’s social interaction skills may suffer. So, either maternal social support or children’s emotion recognition skills can support children’s social interaction skills. This work highlights a common misunderstanding in schools that overvalues emotion recognition tasks. This research demonstrates that maternal social support is equally important in predicting social interaction in children. Gabby received the 1st place award for her presentation! Congratulations to all the authors who greatly supported this work: Allison Pequet, Anna Wilson, Lily Donald, Mykal White, and Dr. Sarah Gray. 


Kavya and Kacy’s poster focused on the association between post-traumatic stress and COVID-19 stress and parenting sense of competency. Their research demonstrated a significant indirect effect of COVID-related stressor exposure on parenting competency through PTSS, which suggests that exposure to COVID-related stressors impacted parenting sense of competency by elevating parents’ post-traumatic stress symptoms. This work is important for helping support mothers through and beyond the pandemic. Kavya and Kacy both did an excellent job presenting their research and the rest of their group! Thanks to those who supported this project within the lab: Sydney Hawkins, Cristina Miles, Anna Wilson, and Dr. Sarah Gray. 

Great work to both groups at the 2023 Tulane Research, Innovation, and Creativity Summit!

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