Current Projects

Mom Power

This study will help us learn whether a group-based, relationship-focused parenting invention, Mom Power, can help improve mental health, parenting stress, child behavior, and the body’s response to stress.

We will be meeting with mothers and children at local community agencies in New Orleans for this study. Mothers will be invited to participate in group sessions at their community agency. Mothers will also be asked to participate in research visits before beginning group sessions and after the conclusion of all group sessions. During research visits, we will ask moms to complete some tasks with their children, such as playing with their child or telling stories, and answer questions about their own and their child’s behaviors and experiences. Childcare will be available during all research sessions and visits.

Please contact us at or 424-888-3010 if you have questions about this study. We will be piloting this study in the 2019-2020 school year. 

The Parent and Child Coping Study

momchildIn this study, we are interested in learning more about how parents and children cope with stressful life events, as well as what family and child factors support adaptation in the face of stressors.

We are meeting with mothers and children ages 3-5 for this study for two visits, both which take around 2 hours. We will ask moms to answer questions about their own and their child’s experiences, behaviors, and emotions, and we will do some tasks with moms and children, like playing with puzzles and toys. During the second visit, we take moms’ and children’s heart rate to learn more about how their bodies respond when they are playing with and talking to each other.

Please contact our team at or 424-888-3010 if you are interested in participating!

Here’s a link to a flyer for the current study.

Communicating with Young Children about Police, Arrest, and Incarceration: Black Mothers’ Perspectives

Mothers who participate in the Parent and Child Coping Study can also be eligible for this follow up study.

The goal of this study is to develop a theory, grounded in the voices of mothers who have been arrested or whose partners have been arrested, of how Black mothers in New Orleans choose to communicate with their preschool-age children about their experiences with the criminal justice system.  Mothers who have already participated in the larger Parent and Child Coping Study can also choose to participate in these hour long interviews, which will ask them about their experiences, as well as the experiences their partners and families have had with the criminal justice system, including questions about how mothers engage in conversations about the police, arrest, and jail with their young children. This study hopes to serve as a first step towards improving support for families with young children who have been impacted by the criminal justice system and elevating the voices of Black mothers in these conversations.

If you have questions about this follow up study, you can also reach us by email at or by call/text at 424-888-3010.